Habits & Decision Fatigue

Habits & Decision Fatigue The reason I wanted to talk about habits is the very obvious thing that all dentists should want to talk about: brushing & flossing. HOWEVER... It just doesn't fit into my personality to scold or cajole my patients for their...

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Health and Spending

Health and SpendingI remember growing up in Highland Utah. I got a job working graveyard shift at a gas station. This particular gas station was a hangout for teenagers and young adults. Sadly, one of the more popular purchases was cigarettes. I worked behind a...

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It is all about pH!

It is all about pH! At PV Dentistry, the #1 focus of our practice is: YOUR HEALTH!! The mouth is the gateway to the body. Everything we eat and drink impacts our health. The mouth is like a petri dish. While genetics play a huge role in whether we were lucky enough to...

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