What Causes Sensitive Tooth Pain?

Tooth sensitivity occurs when the tooth enamel (the outer layer of the tooth) erodes or wears down, exposing the underlying dentin and making it especially sensitive to a wide range of sensations. As a result, the person suffering from sensitive tooth pain can find it difficult to eat or drink anything hot, cold or acidic, including coffee, ice cream and soda. Sensitivity can even occur when breathing in cold air. 


Tooth sensitivity can be very uncomfortable and frustrating. The sensitivity can become so uncomfortable that a person may turn to changing their eating habits, by avoiding certain foods or beverages, as a way to avoid the discomfort.  Tooth sensitivity does not just happen without a cause. There are many factors that can cause teeth to become sensitive. 

The factors that can cause sensitive tooth pain, include :

  • Gum recession
  • Gingivitis or gum disease 
  • Plaque build up 
  • Poor dental hygiene 
  • Acidic foods or beverages 
  • Fractured or chipped teeth
  • Use of a hard bristled toothbrush 
  • Over brushing or aggressive brushing 
  • Grinding or clenching
  • Long term use of mouthwash 
  • Decay

Suffering from sensitive teeth can make it especially difficult to go to the dentist, as some dental procedures may be especially uncomfortable. When searching for a sensitive tooth dentist, Prescott Valley, AZ residents can turn to PV Dentistry for a delicate approach to dental care, the procedures needed to improve tooth sensitivity as well as advice on managing sensitive teeth pain.

Some recommended approaches we suggest for those suffering from tooth sensitivity are :

  • Regular gentle brushing 
  • Avoid acidic foods and beverages 
  • Soft bristled toothbrush 
  • Flossing
  • Over the counter sensitivity toothpastes 

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity that lasts longer than 3 to 4 days, lingers for a long period of time or becomes unbearable, treatment may be required.  An exam at PV Dentistry can help to pinpoint the cause of the sensitivity. Sensitivity caused by decay or other dental issues requires treatment and will not resolve on its own.  If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity our office is dedicated to providing the best care to help alleviate that discomfort. 

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