Root Canal Therapy in Prescott Valley, AZ

Root canals can help save a tooth that has a severe infected pulp and can also prevent the infection from causing painful abscesses. Your root canal Prescott Valley, AZ dentist, Dr. Harold Henderson, provides advanced root canals for patients with damaged teeth by incorporating cutting edge endodontic procedures for minimizing discomfort and facilitating the procedure.

Signs and symptoms of a dental infection which may require a root canal include toothache, darkening of the tooth, swelling around the tooth, and an increase in sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Unless your root canal dentist in Prescott Valley, AZ, can initiate treatment as soon as possible, a pulp infection could lead to a lost tooth and the need for more extensive dental procedures.

Our Prescott Valley dentist will numb the tooth and surrounding area with a powerful anesthetic injected directly into the gums for the initial step in the process. Patients will not feel any pain during this procedure but may sense pressure while Dr. Harold Henderson cleans and packs the tooth. In the beginning, an “access cavity” is created using a dental drill. This cavity is a small hole extending from the dental enamel into the pulp chamber, or inner part of the tooth where the infection exists. During the access cavity stage of a root canal, our dentist will also remove decayed portions of the tooth before disinfecting and shaping the root canals and pulp chamber

For a tooth that is infected, damaged, or decayed, root canal therapy treatment may be the best solution. Root canals are used to save your natural tooth by removing the pulp, nerves, and any bacteria. The space left behind is filled with medicated dental materials that restore the function of the tooth.

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