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For any patients that may require tooth restoration, the possibility of returning again and again to the dentist for fitting appointments (while wearing a temporary crown) is unpleasant. If this describes you or someone you know, contact PV Dentistry to schedule an appointment and find out how our CAD/CAM dentistry services provide a perfect solution for patients in the Prescott Valley, AZ area with same day dental crowns.


CAD/CAM Dentistry and Same Day Crowns

Due to recent advances in technology, dentists who once relied on effective but slow lab-based construction practices can now utilize the power of computer aided design and manufacturing in the dental field known as CAD/CAM. Although the CAD/CAM technologies can apply to a diverse range of industries, at PV Dentistry, this applies specifically to the design and construction of same day crowns.

During the same day crown process, Dr. Harold Henderson takes a photo of the affected tooth and sends out for the design and build of a permanent porcelain crown. The crown milling process occurs on-site and takes only a few minutes instead of the two weeks (required by an off-site laboratory). Once the mill completes the crown, Dr. Harold Henderson then fits and applies the crown directly to the tooth using dental cement.


CAD/CAM Process

During the CAD portion of the patient’s visit, the computer analyzes the affected tooth and surrounding teeth and designs an appropriately sized and shaped crown, under the direction of our dentist. Once Dr. Harold Henderson is satisfied with the design, he sends the three-dimensional image to a special milling machine that sculpts an exact model of the crown. The mill constructs the crown through the use of CAM.


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